In Search of Meaning

FREE Seminar Coming Live to Columbia, MD
Begins Friday, October 13, 2023 at 7:00 pm EDT

In these multimedia presentations, Franke Zollman opens sealed doors of the past. Enter with him to unlock centuries-old mysteries that will provide understanding for your life today and enrich your future.

This is a FREE LIVE EVENT designed for everyone interested in archaeology, history, or the Bible. Display cases filled with ancient objects will illustrate the times of the Bible from Abraham, David, and Jesus. There will be a drawing each night for an ancient oil lamp.


  • Explore the greatest civilization of antiquity
  • See fantastic temples and tombs carved in rock
  • Come on a pictorial journey to the places Jesus walked
  • Learn the fascinating history of Jerusalem

Your speaker Franke Zollman

The lands of the Bible are familiar terrain to Franke Zollman who has traveled extensively in Israel and Egypt. Always preferring the road less traveled, Zollman is an avid explorer and has investigated dozens of archaeological sites. Within his personal collection of Mideastern artifacts are dozens of oil lamps and pottery pieces which Zollman feels connects him with the ancient past. “Each artifact has its own story to tell, and holding each one is like holding history in your hand,” Zollman says with a smile.
Through lectures, slides and actual ancient artifacts, Zollman makes the ancient world come to life. Franke Zollman received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Andrews University with his dissertation centering on archaeology and the Bible. He has excavated on several sites — spending one summer as a supervisor at Tall el ‘Umayri near Amman, Jordan. His lectures have been appreciated by hundreds of people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Canada, and Maryland.

What People are Saying

I’ve enjoyed how Franke Zollman explains how archaeology makes the Bible more understandable. He brings out how archaeological finds have confirmed the Bible and shown that it is true. – Larry
Dr. Zollman really knows his stuff! He was able to answer my questions on how archaeology really has supported what I’ve heard the Bible says all my life.
– Kandace
The extensive artifact display helped me visualize what artifacts from the Bible times really look like. Franke even had some on a table one night that allowed us to touch artifacts that are thousands of years old! – Will

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Friday, October 13, 2023
at 7:00 pm